20 Best Free AI Training Courses for 2024: Build Skills Now


The new Minnesota Board of Dentistry rule states that administration of local anesthesia by a dental assistant is limited to supraperiosteal and field block injections 37.10 as prescribed by a dentist. Stay informed on the top business tech stories with Tech.co’s weekly highlights reel. Completing an AI course isn’t the only way to prepare yourself for the seismic changes to the global economy that will occur as AI is harnessed by more businesses. Seven of the courses are classified as introductory, including “Introduction to Generative AI”, “Introduction to Large Language Models” and “Generative AI Fundamentals”. 90%
of users who earned a SAS certification feel more confident in their abilities.

Courses and programs for programming training

Completing an AI training course is going to look good on your CV, which will help if you’re applying for a new job. Evidence that you’ve taken the initiative to explore an emerging technology is definitely something an employer will find desirable. Plus, the things you learn about AI will be applicable to a wide variety of job roles in almost every sector of the economy, so it’s arguably a safer bet than completing a course on a niche or industry-specific topic. The course takes around 18 hours to complete and is made up of an introduction to prompts and three separate sessions on prompt patterns, as well as a 2-hour module on examples. You can either audit this course for free, which means you get access to all the materials but no proof you’ve completed it, or pay for a Coursera subscription (roughly $59 per month).

Computer Science: Programming with a Purpose

IBM offers a course entitled “AI Foundations for Everyone” through Coursera, of which over 2,000 people have already signed up for in just February 2024. You can audit the course for free, which will give you access to all of the materials and some of the assignments, but you won’t be graded or get a certificate at the end. With businesses finding new, inventive ways to make money with ChatGPT every day, it’s no surprise that AI training courses are becoming increasingly sought after.

Not to be confused with IBM’s similarly-named online AI training course, DeepLearning.AI’s “AI for Everyone” short course is worth enrolling in just to see what the fuss is all about. Modules include “Working With ChatGPT”, “ChatGPT and Its Shortcomings” and “Training a GPT Model”. This free course is available on alison.com, and is published by a digital marketing firm called Digital Partner.

Computer Science

Microsoft says the objectives for this course are to become familiar with existing AI tools, understand basic AI terminology and practices, and use prebuilt AI to build intelligent applications. Strengthen your skills with hundreds of free video tutorials developed by SAS instructors. SAS training is trusted by 3,000+ businesses to achieve measurable results.

Courses and programs for programming training

In 2020, Ms. Hormann began teaching for the Division of Dental Hygiene and now provides clinical and didactic instruction to dental hygiene and dental therapy students at the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry. With AI taking control of more and more repetitive administrative tasks, having strong soft skills is going to be increasingly important to stand out in a pool of highly-qualified job applicants or colleagues jostling for promotion. One other thing you can do if you want to upskill yourself is to develop your soft skills. Businesses are always going to need humans to organize, prioritize, and take responsibility for planning and executing projects.

Learn Git & GitHub

Proving that you have deep knowledge and a specialized skill set boosts your value and sets you apart in a competitive field. Earn a SAS certification, share your digital badge with your network and get ready to take the next step in your career. For machine learning modelers who are well versed in machine learning basics and want to learn many different types of models and their applications in artificial intelligence. If your superpower is turning data into insights, a career in data science is for you. Data scientists work with structured and unstructured data, build and test models with AI from SAS, and share their work with technical and nontechnical audiences. For programmers, statistical programmers and data analysts who want to learn advanced programming techniques, how to process data using Structured Query Language (SQL) and use the SAS macro facility.

Courses and programs for programming training

We’ll show you what’s new, including API and SDK abilities for natural language explanation of your data in SAS Visual Analytics and Microsoft Teams integration for added collaboration with SAS Model Manager. Learn everything you need to know to install and configure SAS software, monitor system performance and troubleshoot issues. Learn about benefits like standing out in your industry, earning a higher salary and more.

Welcome To Codecademy

It’s got one of the highest approval ratings we’ve seen for an AI training course, scoring 4.8/5 with an approval rating of 98% as of February 2024. The course, which is split into two umbrella sections (“Fundamentals of AI” and “Applications of AI) is completely free if you sign up for Udacity (which also doesn’t cost anything). Unlike Coursera courses, you have access to the full range of materials and teaching, rather than just the ability to audit. It consists of 22 different lessons and a string of interactive quizzes. The estimated completion time for the course is approximately two months, and you should have some experience with Python syntax, including variables, functions, and classes, as well as a grasp of basic algebra.

Courses and programs for programming training

Developing your soft skills can consist of taking an accredited course – but they are more than often improved by taking experiences, especially in the workplace. It’s vital, then, to put yourself forward for opportunities and experiences that IT courses will let you expand your communication, organization, and general leadership skills. You can be taught to work a piece of software in a week, but you can’t click your fingers and make someone a proficient public speaker or project manager.

This foundational online program, which takes around 10 months to complete at a rate of 10 hours a week, focuses on fundamental AI concepts and practical machine learning skills but is classified as an intermediate course. Reach your business goals faster by giving your team the skills they need to fully leverage SAS. Whether you want to help your employees learn new techniques, address skills gaps or provide career development opportunities, we’ll create a training plan that meets your needs.

  • You can access the course with your Google Workspace or personal account, and there’s actually a surprising amount of material included, considering it’s free.
  • Learn more about how we can help you gain, train and retain top talent.
  • What’s more, right now, businesses are looking for people who understand how generative AI tools like ChatGPT work, and how to leverage them effectively.
  • Of course, completing an AI training course can have several benefits.
  • For business analysts, predictive modelers and data scientists who want to use SAS Visual Analytics for data visualization, data exploration and analytics, and SAS Visual Statistics for model fitting.

For programmers, statistical programmers and data analysts who want to build a strong SAS programming foundation to manipulate data, perform complex queries and simple analyses, and create reports. The course is offered as part of an online master’s degree at Georiga Tech, but taking this course won’t earn you credit toward this degree. It includes information on Supervised and Unsupervised Learning, which are two different types of machine learning, and covers how they’re used in AI systems.

Accelerate your career with data analytics training

Learn more about how we can help you gain, train and retain top talent. Learn to create rules, collaborate with other teams and manage metadata to run analytics for better decision making. Add a SAS certification to your résumé and earn digital badges to share with your network. Learn why SAS is the world’s most trusted analytics platform, and why analysts, customers and industry experts love SAS.

Courses and programs for programming training